Podcast Logo   This is a logo I designed for my podcast,  Prolific . 
  4B Election Newspaper Guide   This is the  a guide  I created for an election in Midland, Texas, as part of my work as a copyeditor for the Midland Reporter-Telegram. The guide runs through some of the history surrounding the election, details about what the 4B tax entailed, and what the tax would do to existing structures in the city. 
  Icons    These are icons I created for a presentation about how I spent my time as a first-year PhD student.
  Culture Front   This is a cover I designed for a weekly Culture section for the Midland Report-Telegram. The featured story was about local gamers playing Magic: The Gathering, a popular trading card game. Because of my own experiences playing the game and knowledge of card designs, I decided to make the cover emulate the appearance of a trading card. The quality for this scan is a little sub-par as this was the only copy of that particular issue I could find. 
  MA Portfolio Cover   I made this design for the final portfolio for my Master's in technical communication at Texas Tech University. It's meant to convey the main components of the portfolio, as well as showing the movement of the items falling out of the portfolio.
  Infographic Syllabus   This infographic was created in Dr. Sean Zdenek's  Document Design class. It represents a syllabus I created for an assignment in Dr. Rich Rice's Histories and Theories of Composition class in the Fall 2015 semester. It can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF  here .
  Business Card   This is a business card I made for a minor assignment in a Document Design course with Dr. Sean Zdenek at Texas Tech University.
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