A Podcast for New Graduate Students

Welcome to Prolific: A Podcast Journey Through Rhetoric, Composition, and Technical Communication.

This podcast is meant for new graduate students in these fields who feel a little overwhelmed by all of the names of people—not to mention their works—that we're supposed to know. In other words, this podcast is for students looking to learn more about the world they're entering.

This is my first podcast, so the quality will increase as I familiarize myself with my voice, the material, and the software, (and my natural humor [ha!]). You can check back here for new episodes, subscribe via RSS feed, or search for the podcast on iTunes, Overcast, Downcast—whatever app or service you use. Also, feel free to comment, leave a review, or make suggestions to improve the quality or future subjects. The episodes are also embedded below for your convenience. I hope you enjoy!


Current Episodes

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