Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Writing And Rhetoric (expected 2022)

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

      • Concentration in Cultural Rhetorics
      • Committee: Jacqueline Rhodes (Chair), Malea Powell, Kristin Arola, Dawn Opel
      • Research Interests: sexual health communication, decolonization, digital rhetorics, internet studies, queer rhetorics and theories, multimodality

Master of Arts in Technical Communication (May 2017)

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

      • Concentration in rhetoric
      • Portfolio option

Bachelors of Arts in English (May 2014)

University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

      • Specialization in professional writing


Community Engagement (expected 2021)

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Indigenous Studies (expected 2021)

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Teaching Technical Writing

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX


“Kink as Praxis: Tying Up Sex with Queer and Cultural Rhetorics.” PRE/TEXT: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory, vol. 24, no.1, pp. 81-98.

Conference Presentations

“Who Watches the Watchers?: Twitch and the Ethics of Playing Games Online.” (Presentation). June 22, 2019. Computers and Writing 2019. East Lansing, MI.

“The Academic Migration Trails That Take Us to Different Indigenous Lands: A Reflective Roundtable on Reciprocity and Community Building in Anishinaabewaki.” (Roundtable). April 6, 2019. National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS). Albuquerque, NM. With Alba Lamar, Cat Jennings, Everardo Cuevas, Nerli Paredes Ruvalcaba, and Tomás Diaz.

“Provider Meet & Greet: A Social Event Designed to Build a LGBTQIA+ Health Network Within a Community.” (Poster). March 30, 2019. Q-Med: Building LGBTQI+ Leaders in Health Care. New Haven, CT. With Wyatt Boothby-Shoemaker, Mauricio Franco, Daniel Pfau-Wheeler, and Cyn Brown.

“Sex in School: Land, Queer Use, and Decolonization.” (Presentation). March 14, 2019. Conference on College Composition and Communication (4Cs). Pittsburgh, PA.

“My Blood Cells When I Take My Truvada”: Cultural Rhetorics, Qualitative Research, and Twitter Archiving through TAGS.” (Poster). March 12, 2019. Digital Praxis Posters (4Cs). Pittsburgh, PA.

“My Blood Cells When I Take My Truvada”: Examining Twitter Users’ Engagement with PrEP, Truvada, and Sexual Health.” (Presentation). March 12, 2019. Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW). Pittsburgh, PA.

"Performance: Debatable Queer Practices: A Cultural Rhetorics Reflection." November, 11, 2018. Cultural Rhetorics. East Lansing, MI. With Everardo Cuevas, Elise Dixon, and Lauren Brentnell.

“Defining Marriage: Tracing Recent Anti-Queer Rhetorics Using Ideographic Analysis.” June 1, 2018. Rhetoric Society of America (RSA). Minneapolis, MN.

“Érase una Vez una Queerceañera: A Workshop on Creating a Celebratory Coming‐of‐Age Space for QPOC (Sustainability).” April 7, 2018. National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS). Minneapolis, MN. With Angelica de Jesus, Elba Mandujano, Nerli Paredes Ruvalcaba, and Everardo Cuevas.

“Be a Part of Connecting Communities and Creating Stories: An Invitational Roundtable.” March 23, 2018. East Central Writing Centers Association (ECWCA). Columbus, OH. With Trixie Smith, Dianna Baldwin, Rachel Robinson and Elise Dixon.

“From a Marginalized Perspective: Dialectical Pedagogy as Societal Remedy." May 23, 2014. RSA (Undergraduate Research Network Workshop). San Antonio, TX.

Workshops & Invited Talks

“Gearing Up For Grad School.” February 26, 2019. Michigan Indígena/Chicanx Community Alliance / Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS).

“Making an Ofrenda: Preparing for Día de Muertos.” October 6, 2018. Michigan Indígena/Chicanx Community Alliance. Lansing, MI. With Everardo Cuevas, Les Hutchinson, and Nerli Paredes Ruvalcaba.

“Working with Artifacts: Literary Analysis, Developing an Argumentative Thesis, and Multimodal Composing." July 9, 2018. MSU Upward Bound. East Lansing, MI. With Ja'La Wourman.

“Digital Storytelling Weeklong Seminar: Telling the Stories of Standing Rock.” June 18-22, 2018. Indigenous Youth Empowerment Program (IYEP) + WIDE. Lansing, MI. With Stephanie Mahnke, Jessica Gibbons, Everardo Cuevas, and Cody Mejeur.

“Critical Let’s Play: Gender and Sexuality in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” Apr. 23, 2018. MSU Game Studies Guild. East Lansing, MI. With Ronny Fay Ford.

“Ponte Las Pilas: Prepping for Graduate, Medical, and Professional School.” Apr. 9, 2018. Michigan Indígena/Chicanx Community Alliance (MICCA). East Lansing, MI.

“Resumé Write-In (through TRIO).” Mar. 29, 2018. The Writing Center and TRIO at MSU. East Lansing, MI.With Larissa Babak.

“Digital Video and Visual Rhetoric: Multimodally Remixing Essays.” Mar. 26, 2018. The Writing Center at MSU. East Lansing, MI. With Alexis Sargent.

“MLA Style: Basics of Style, Formatting, and Citing.” Mar. 14, 2018. The Writing Center at MSU. East Lansing, MI.With Meg Turner.

“Peer Review: Tutoring in the Classroom.” Jan.16, 2018. The Writing Center at MSU. East Lansing, MI.

“Plagiarism and Copyright: Navigating Others’ Ideas.” Oct. 25, 2017. The Writing Center at MSU. East Lansing, MI. With Rachel Robinson.

Academic Appointments

Teaching Assistant - First Year Writing Instructor

Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (Fall 2019)

Writing Liaison - Fostering Academics, Mentoring Success (FAME)

The Writing Center at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (Fall 2019)

Graduate Assistant - Outreach Coordinator

The Writing Center at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (August 2017-present)

Graduate Writing Consultant

The Writing Center at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (August 2017-present)

Online Writing Tutor

The Judith G. Gardner Center for Writing Excellence (UTSA Writing Center), San Antonio, TX (July 2013-present)

Courses Taught & TAed

WRA 101: Writing as Inquiry

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

WRA 891: Chicanx Rhetorics

Spring 2020

Service & Outreach


Michigan Indígena/Chicanx Community Alliance (MICCA) (Fall 2018 - Present)

      • Fundraised for annual Día de Muertos celebration, raising more than $1,000 from departments and on-campus organizations
      • Helped organize annual Día de Muertos celebration, with more than 500 people in attendance over three days
      • Worked with campus officials, students, and community partners—Casa de Rosado and The Michigan Alliance for Latino Education and Culture (MALEC)—to host Día de Muertos at local exhibition space
      • Funraised $1,200 for annual Queerceañera event, a coming-of-age celebration for queer people of color, at local events center.


Queering Medicine (Fall 2018 - Present)

      • Working with Ingham County Health Department to organize a series of focus groups centered on improving quality of care in various aspects for local LGBTQIA+ residents
      • Organized meet and greet event in collaboration with area LGBTQIA+ resource center for Lansing-area queer people to talk with and learn about queer and queer-friendly medical providers in the area, with more than 50 people attending

Writing Ambassador

Fostering Academics, Mentoring Excellence (FAME) (Fall 2018)

      • Work with former foster care kids on writing and drafting projects on behalf of the Writing Center at MSU
      • Led a workshop introducing FAME students to Writing Center services
      • Held open office hours in the School of Social Work throughout the semester

QT-G(R)RAD Officer

Queer and Trans Graduate Research, Resources, and Development (Fall 2017)

      • Helped form a new organization for queer and trans graduate students
      • Collaborated with ten other graduate students to codify and create group constitution
      • Researched financial and development resources for queer graduate students

Graduate Peer Mentor

Graduate English Society (GES), Texas Tech University (Fall 2016)

      • Met with new graduate student and advised on program, course offerings, and faculty

Prolific: A Podcast Journey Through Rhetoric, Composition, and Technical Communication

Educational Podcast (Fall 2015-Fall 2018)

      • Podcast for new graduate students in the composition and related fields
      • Research trends and movements within the field and have each episode catered to it
      • Interview other graduate students to have sit-down discussions about chosen topic

Editorial & Design Experience

Design Co-Editor

Red Cedar Undergraduate Research (ReCUR) Journal (November 2017-February 2018)

      • Copyedited and designed the 2017 issue for the journal
      • Collaborated with multiple departments and people to ensure advertisements and such were placed correctly

Copyeditor (Universal Desk)

Midland Reporter-Telegram, Midland, TX (July 2014-August 2017)

      • Created new, original designs that went to print daily
      • Reviewed, track, and follow up various news stories for multiple sections
      • Coordinated with journalists to keep local coverage up to date
      • Edited and make print-ready copy for multiple sections
      • Used creative software to make new designs and give stories visual treatments

Design and Editing Intern

The Sagebrush Review (UTSA's Literary Arts Journal), San Antonio, TX (January-May 2014)

      • Designed two covers and the layout for ninth installment of the journal
      • Created and edited documents including news releases, fliers, and letters to donors
      • Coordinated with more than twenty volunteer staff members to schedule meetings and events
      • Assisted in fundraising and outreach efforts with various student and business organizations


      • Funder: Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).
      • Award amount:$750


National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

Rhetoric Society of America (RSA)

National Association For Chicana And Chicano Studies (NACCS)


Adobe Creative Suite






HTML (intermediate)

CSS (intermediate)

Javascript (beginner)







Content Management

Notion (advanced) (advanced)


Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) (advanced)

Discord (advanced)


Spanish (fluent)

English (fluent)