A collection of designs I have done for work, school, and other things. Feel free to reach out through any of my social media to see about getting design work for yourself done.

A flier made for a Día de Muertos celebration in 2018. This document was a collaboration between myself and Rosa Killips, a Lansing-based Latinx community organizer.

This logo was designed for my podcast, Prolific.

This infographic was created in Dr. Sean Zdenek's Document Design class. It represents a syllabus I created for an assignment in Dr. Rich Rice's Histories and Theories of Composition class in the Fall 2015 semester.

A flier made for the Salus Center, Lansing's LGBTQIA+ resource center, and a celebration for its one-year anniversary.

This flier was made for Queering Medicine to advertise our meet and greet event, which helped queer people in Lansing meet area medical providers who are queer and queer-friendly.

A flier I made for Queerceañera 2018, a yearly, celebratory queer coming of age for queer people of color hosted by MICCA. This year's celebration was a week's worth of events.

This is a cover I designed for a weekly Culture section for the Midland Report-Telegram. The featured story was about local gamers playing Magic: The Gathering, a popular trading card game. Because of my own experiences playing the game and knowledge of card designs, I decided to make the cover emulate the appearance of a trading card. The quality for this scan is a little sub-par as this was the only copy of that particular issue I could find.

This is a guide I created for an election in Midland, Texas, as part of my work as a copyeditor for the Midland Reporter-Telegram. The guide runs through some of the history surrounding the election, details about what the 4B tax entailed, and what the tax would do to existing structures in the city.